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Marketing Consulting: Not Buyin’ It

You think you know your customers. But you aren’t getting the same honeymoon eyes you got in years past. Have you lost your luster? Have they set their sights on someone new? When’s the last time you really *talked* to each other?

Like any relationship, marketers and customers can get off track. Communication breaks down. Maybe customers got turned off by a new product or a customer service challenge. Maybe they’ve grown up, and they don’t relate to the messages anymore. Or maybe another company came knocking with a newer, shinier, younger product and swept them off their feet.

No matter what the reason, the result is always the same. Eventually, the customer walks away.

Don’t find yourself on the receiving end of an “It’s not me, it’s you” message. Read our case studies to learn more about how Ping helps marketers and customers build a long and happy future together. And Ping us to learn how we can support you.

Talent Sourcing: Gotta Have Chemistry

As applicants, we know that our stories are far more complex than our resumes, and we bring more than just a skill-set to a job. As employers, we struggle to capture the exact position and the kind of person we need in a job description. Words like “driven,” “creative,” and “innovative” appear in every marketing job description, CV, and cover letter – how do you set yours apart?

Ultimately, you just *know* when you’ve found the right fit. But getting there can be time-consuming, tedious, and discouraging.

Ping believes that cultural fit is essential, and that many recruiters and job search agents cannot evaluate this properly. Ping’s approach is not to deliver a stack of resumes or job descriptions to our clients. Instead, we get to know you. Understand what makes you tick. Work with you, as a partner should, to find the right chemistry – the perfect match.

If you are seeking a professional opportunity, or looking for someone who really clicks with your marketing group, Ping us for more information.

Career Coaching: Get Unstuck

Jackie Ross, founder and principal of Ping, believes that we should love our jobs. We spend a majority of our time at work – shouldn’t we find that time just as valuable and rewarding as the time we spend on other pursuits?

If this sounds Pollyanna to you, ask yourself: Why don’t you love your career right now?

You may be thinking:

  • I don’t know what I really want to do, what options I have, and how to figure that out.
  • I don’t know how to find my dream job. Where do I start? It’s overwhelming.
  • I don’t think I’m qualified to do anything else.
  • My circumstances are too complicated to make a career change right now.
  • I don’t have a job. No one will hire me, and I have no idea why.

For one reason or another, you feel stuck. It happens to everyone, and it’s not easy to get ‘un-stuck.’

Now consider these questions: When are you at your best? You know – jazzed, inspired, engaged, and focused? What did you love and hate about your previous jobs? What do you do with your free time, and why do you find these things enjoyable?

These questions, and others, will help identify your next professional move. You just have to make the connection.

Jackie has spent more than 10 years helping professionals navigate these challenges. And she’s been there herself. Her past employers include a small agency, a nonprofit, a dot-com, a publicly traded corporation, and a small business. She’s worn the hats of writer, editor, client manager, fundraiser, marketer, consultant, and entrepreneur. Each environment and function offered its share of frustrations and rewards, and she brings this experience to bear against your personal circumstances.

From corporate executives to college graduates, Jackie has worked with a variety of driven, talented, creative, stuck professionals. If this resonates with you, ping Jackie to learn more about how you can get unstuck.