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Case 2: Recasting a Product & Marketing Strategy

Client: Professional Services Firm, $500 million in revenue, 2,000 employees

Challenge: How to increase customer spend, loyalty, and new sales by:
1. Bucking the internal biases that impede innovation;
2. Discovering new and compelling product offerings that already exist, in some form;
3. Developing new products that better meet the needs of the customer; and
4. Overhauling the go-to-market and overall marketing strategy.

The Situation: Struggling in the economic downturn, the professional services firm recognized the need to better understand its customer. Previous market research proved incomplete and ineffective at accurately diagnosing customer pain points and delivering a combination of strategic and tactical solutions. The firm determined that conventional assumptions by its internal stakeholders skewed customer understanding. In short, the organization was not listening and responding to its customers.

Ping’s Services: Ping led a cross-functional team of internal and external partners to determine how to address the unmet needs of current, previous, and potential customers. The team gathered existing customer information, identified knowledge gaps, and filled those gaps with new research and analysis. Ping then lead the team in retooling current assets, developing new assets, and effectively launching and marketing those assets to the customer base.

Results: Stay tuned!