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  Case 1: Integrating Social Networking & Live Events

Client: Marketing Consultancy, $1 million in revenue, 5 employees

Challenge: How to choose the right social media platforms and other innovative marketing channels without compromising a firm’s brand identity and authenticity.

Situation: The firm’s CEO is a visible, provocative public speaker and thought-leader. For more than 20 years, the boutique marketing consultancy has relied on his appearances as its primary business development and marketing vehicle. Yet, the “always on” marketing cycle and ability of other consultants to build a virtual presence have crept into the organization’s market share, putting the firm behind the curve and very much on the outside, looking in. The CEO attempted to launch a blog, a Facebook page, and a Twitter feed, but he rarely had time to update them and often leaned on his team to generate content. The results have been disappointing.

Ping’s Services: Ping reviewed the client’s overall marketing and social media efforts for brand continuity, engagement quality, and efficacy. We then conducted a full competitive analysis, including live interviews and secondary research. The result was a multi-pronged strategic marketing plan integrating the organization’s social media efforts, live events, and content marketing campaigns.

Results: The firm eliminated activities that contradicted its authentic voice, and focused only on channels where prospects and customers already receive messages. The integration of live and virtual communications has enabled an evolving, dynamic dialogue among prospects and customers. In just six months, the firm reestablished its reputation as a thought leader in the industry, grew its client base by 40%, and increased its business with current customers by 20%.